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Looking for Chris Loynes

Looking for Chris Loynes Head of Council Services to Bexley Councillors.

Is Chris Loynes the originator of the Obscene Blog whom, the Metropolitan Police, working through Bexley Police Commander Dave Stringer, have now been searching for without success for 14 weeks (?).

Chief Inspector Stringer

Bexley Police Commander Dave Stringer

Chris Loynes is not currently in his office and cannot be contacted at Tyrants’ Headquarters, also known as Bexley Civic Offices.

And he has not been seen for weeks.


 If you can provide a photograph of Chris Loynes Head of Council Services to Councillors for publication here please let us know.


Chris Loynes – one of Bexley Council’s Leading Tyrants operates in secret, behind closed doors to help mug unsuspecting Bexley Residents to deprive them of their property. No wonder a Daily Mail Leader identified Bexley Council as a “Rotten Borough” .

Lord Kitchener

To be continued…