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Hidden Agenda for Queen Mary’s Hospital

David Cameron
The Right Honourable David William Donald Cameron
Prime Minister of the Disunited Kingdom
First Lord of the Treasury
Minister for the Civil Service
Leader of the Conservative Party
Member of Parliament for Witney

So we are told by Dr. Chris Streather, Chief Executive of South London Healthcare Trust, that “There is an unacceptable level of risk to patients”, in order to outmanoeuvre Minister of Health Andrew Lansley’s moratorium and the Conservatives false promises to stop cuts in health services at Queen Mary’s Hospital.

Dr. Chris Streather
How devious and perverse! Chief Executive Dr. Chris Streather. Also known as Dr. Death by a 1,000 cuts.

A few weeks ago James Brokenshire MP asked the Minister of Health to intervene and save Queen Mary’s Hospital. Well done Mr. Brokenshire! But, Surprise! Surprise! The Minister refused.

Andrew Lansley
The Honourable Andrew Lansley
Commander of the British Empire
Secretary of State for Public Health
Member of Parliament for South Cambridgeshire

It is becoming more and more evident that residents of the Borough of Bexley are having the wool pulled over their eyes not only by our National Conservative representatives, but also by Bexley Councillors who are known to say one thing in public but the opposite behind closed doors.

Bexley Council will play its part in the destruction of Queen Mary’s Hospital by ceasing to buy health services from it: doubtless on the instructions of Government.

If this Government and Senior Managers of the NHS really wanted to save Queen Mary’s Hospital, Dr. Chris Streather would be redundant. The South London Healthcare Trust could be disbanded. Finance could be provided to allow new management of the hospital to advertise its absolute future and immediately recruit enough staff to allow the hospital to be run efficiently, as it was before the appalling ‘Picture of Health’, which one doctor described “As the most fraudulent document he has ever seen.”

Clear evidence is emerging, for the observant; that Government has secretly written off Queen Mary’s Hospital and is using Dr. Chris Streather as the sword of destruction to carry out the Government’s cuts, by cutting Accident and Emergency; by cutting Maternity; by cutting Urology; by cutting Haematology, by cutting ...... Stop! Enough is enough. Dr. Death by a 1,000 cuts must go. The sooner the better!

Empty beds
No! I’m not mad. I just speak with forked tongue
Andrew Lansley. Mad!
The Honourable Andrew Lansley
Commander of the British Empire
Secretary of State for Public Health
Member of Parliament for South Cambridgeshire

Is this really what The Right Honourable David Cameron meant when before the May 2010 election he promised voters, in order to get the Conservatives elected. “I’ll cut the deficit, not the NHS”? We do not think so.