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Bexley Staffs’ Cash Greed

Bexley’s Public Servants continue to milk the public’s cash to the disadvantage of Bexley’s residents when everyone else is tightening their belts.

Front line services to children; the elderly and the disabled are cut by up to 40%, in some instances, while greedy Bexley employees continue to be overpaid from the public’s purse: hard earned cash poured down Bexley’s Fat Cats’ Cash Drain.

Residents are brushed aside and ignored by being told “Staff salaries are nothing to do with them”.

Public funds produce a cash honey pot for Bexley every year of about £500.000,000: five hundred million pound.

It is public money but the public, part of David Cameron’s big society of “We’re all in it together”, cannot have a say as to how public money is spent.

Are citizens suffering from more of Dave’s propaganda? Was it not David Cameron who promised before the last election that he would save the National Health Service?

But after a very short time it was the Conservatives who began closing Accident & Emergency Departments and Maternity Units in hospitals throughout the country, and in Bexley, supported by conservative Bexley Council.

David Cameron

Got the picture?

As a result of cuts to the National Health Service Bexley now has the distinction of being the only London Borough without an Accident and Emergency Department. Is this so administrative staff and fat cat public servants can continue to receive their exorbitant salaries?

It used to be said “He who pays the piper gets the tune.” Not in Bexley.

Bexley’s fat cats are the modern day Robber Barons: treating residents as peasants to be deprived of their rights, property and cash at every opportunity.

When residents require Bexley Council to discharge their public functions Bexley Council lies, cheats and defrauds residents instead. Often acting to support persons committing criminal offences or acting illegally, rather than discharging their obligations to residents to uphold the law and protect them.

Overpaying salaries works a bit like overcharging. There is no way that Bexley’s Fat Cats can justify the exorbitant salaries they get. It all seems to be a rip off. Like MPs expenses. Taking money from the public purse they are not entitled to. Is this what they call daylight robbery?

Bankers were in a similar position. Helping themselves to large sums of cash without justification. This necessitated Gordon Brown giving Banks £845 billion pounds from public funds in order to keep the banking system afloat.

Unless, in these difficult times of financial restraint for everybody, the salaries of public sector workers are cut the Country will go bust. Like Greece. This is where we are heading at the moment.

Government has repeatedly refused to cut the exorbitant salaries of the fat cat civil servants, choosing instead to deprive citizens of front line public services. Doing nothing about the unrealistic salaries paid to civil servants, even where, as in Bexley, the Chief Executive’s Salary, Will Tuckley’s, is more than The Prime Minister’s.

This has all the signs of financial suicide.

Nobody is taking any steps to stop it because they are all feeding from the same plate.

Greedy rats

To be continued…