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Ian Clement
Ian Clement former conservative Leader of Bexley Council and Deputy Mayor of London.

Ian Clement was formerly employed as Deputy Mayor of London on a salary £127,000.00 a year, resigning as the Leader of Bexley Council to enable him to take up that appointment by Boris Johnson.

Forced to resign as Deputy Mayor of London by Boris Johnson for fiddling his expenses, he was then found Guilty of fraud by the City of Westminster Magistrates Court on 6 October 2009 for obtaining monies he was not entitled to by way of expenses contrary to sections 1 and 2 of the Fraud Act 2006. He was sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 18 months. Read more about Ian Clement while Deputy Mayor London by going to the london.gov.uk website.

Would the visitor like to play ‘Sherlock Holmes & Watson’ and detect the frauds Ian Clement carried out while he was Leader of Bexley Council? And how and who covered up those frauds so as to prevent Ian Clement being prosecuted for the frauds he committed while Leader of Bexley Council? If so, read the Supplemental Audit Report dated 10 August 2009, produced by the Internal Audit Committee of Bexley Council into Ian Clements false monetary claims. See if you can identify in this Report Ian Clement’s fraudulent money claims and the names of the Council employees who covered up those frauds, so as to protect Ian Clement and prevent him from being prosecuted. The expenses Ian Clement fiddled while Leader of Bexley Council were far greater than the expenses he fiddled while Deputy Mayor of London and prosecuted and convicted for doing so. How has he avoided prosecution for the crimes he committed while he was Leader of Bexley Council?