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Mission Statement : working for the sacking of all liars, cheats and fraudsters working for Bexley Council

Peter Craske

Peter Craske, Cabinet Member for the Public Realm

On the 19 May 2011, at Bexley’s full Council Meeting, Peter Craske was appointed “Cabinet Member for the Public Realm”. Oh yeah! Let all the corruption in Bexley Council hatch out.

What has happened to the public servants working for us? We are paying their wages!

Suddenly Bexley Council is lording it over residents as self appointed heads of “the Realm.” I thought we lived in a democracy? We are citizens; not subjects.

Bexley Council occupies castles paid for from the public purse from which it views residents as nothing more than peasants to be ignored, lied to and cheated.

Bexley Council is certainly working hard to relieve residents of their hard earned cash at every opportunity: by direct council taxation; by car parking charges; by penalty notices; by speed cameras; and by any other means they can dream up: like £5.00 a page for photocopying. Not to mention Will Tuckley the Chief Executive whose salary package from the public purse is £100,000.00 more than The Prime Minister’s.

And doing so while publishing a fraudulent mission statement that they are “Working for us.....Listening to us”. This could not be further from the truth. Bexley Council is nothing more than a bunch of con merchants: Some say “a bunch of rats”.

Little wonder that a Senior High Court Judge found that Bexley Council was bent when he threw out its fraudulent claim against a Bexley taxpayer for £1,250,000 and The Daily Mail identified Bexley Council as the Rotten Borough that had returned.