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Mission Statement : working for the sacking of all liars, cheats and fraudsters working for Bexley Council

The Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP
The Prime Minister
First Lord of the Treasury
10 Downing Street
Tuesday 31st May 2011
Dear Prime Minister,

David Cameron


1. I was heartened to read in the press recently of your proposals to rethink the National Health Service Reforms proposed by Andrew Lansley MP. So many are against them.

2. I believe it is crucial that sensible changes be made to prevent the Coalition Government going down in history as being responsible for killing off the National Health Service.

3. While I welcome National Health Service reforms, in order to improve health service care, I have not been able to understand how Andrew Lansley’s proposals will in real terms change things for the better. Particularly as he has already masterminded the closure and complete withdrawal of vital health services from a number of Hospitals.

4. For example, Andrew Lansley has been instrumental in closing Accident and Emergency Departments and Maternity Departments in about six hospitals. How can the closure and complete withdrawal of such crucial services be improving healthcare? Reforms such as these are more than likely to cause deaths.

5. Andrew Lansley’s cuts of this nature have been particularly devastating for Bexley residents. He has by stealth, made the London Borough of Bexley the only London Borough without an Accident and Emergency Department.

6. These drastic measures have been supported by Bexley Council to such an extent that they have become a pathfinder for Andrew Lansley’s draconian reforms, resulting in the cutting of vital services of Accident and Emergency and the Maternity Unit to the one million or so individuals that Queen Mary’s Hospital has served for decades.

7. No one in his right mind can say that this is improving healthcare services.

8. Andrew Lansley continues to work not only for the closure of other departments at Queen Mary’s Hospital but also for the sale of hospital land for property development.

9. I believe Bexley Council supports the closure because it sees development as another way of raising more money by way of Council Tax to help pay the Council’s high salaried staff, such as Chief Executive Will Tuckley, who receives a salary package that amounts to about £247,000.00 a year. This is £100,000.00 [one hundred thousand pounds] more than your own salary as Prime Minister.

10. Some of Andrew Lansley’s proposals were set out in a document entitled ‘A Picture for Health’. Doctor Lister condemned it “As the most fraudulent document he had ever seen.

11. Our conservative MP, James Brokenshire, Minister for Crime Prevention, has done an excellent job in resisting the closure of the Accident and Emergency Department and the Maternity Unit at Queen Mary’s Hospital. With others, he presented a Petition to 10 Downing Street, but to no avail.

12. I believe Ian Duncan-Smith has also sought to resist the closure of his local hospital’s Accident and Emergency Departments.

13. It is to my mind bizarre that that these two most important, front line, vital health care services should be among the first health care services to be cut by Andrew Lansley. This is unfair and unreasonable.

14. I have no doubt that in order to restore confidence in the coalition Government and the Conservative Party, all Accident and Emergency Departments and Maternity Units that have been closed as a result of Andrew Lansley’s reforms, including the Accident and Emergency Department and the Maternity Unit at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup, should be reopened immediately.

15. I should be obliged if you would please let me know whether you are able to arrange for this to be done as a matter of urgency, in view of your pre-election promise last year, that I reproduce above, when you said “I’ll cut the deficiency - not the NHS.” Thank you.

16. I am sending a copy of this letter to Nick Clegg MP asking that he kindly supports the immediate reopening of all Accident and Emergency Departments and Maternity Units that have been closed as a result of Andrew Lansley’s health care reforms.

JJ Watson

cc Nick Clegg Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats
James Brokenshire MP Minister for Crime Prevention
Ian Duncan-Smith MP The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
Ed Miliband MP Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition