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Bexley Council sued by whistleblower for compensation for unfair dismissal

Bexley Council Supports Paedophile: what possible motives could a Government Law Enforcement Agency, Bexley Council, have for allowing Councillor Colin Campbell, Deputy Leader of the Council, a Cabinet Member and the Director of Corporate Finance, to support a person committing the most vilest of crimes?

The Ashford Employment Court, comprised of two male Judges and one woman Judge, Judge Wallis who led the proceedings, and who was once a Solicitor employed by the Defendants, Bexley Council, held after a two day hearing that:

Councillor Colin Campbell1. Miss Queen had been unfairly dismissed by Bexley Council.

(Councillor Campbell was on record in an internal Bexley Council email admitting they had unfairly dismissed Miss Queen. His email was kept concealed from Miss Queen until after she had issued proceedings against Bexley Council and was not disclosed until April 2011).

Richard Edwards. Thames Innovation Centre manager2. Miss Queen had satisfied the first criteria (protected disclosure) in order to make a claim for compensation as a whistleblower.

(She expressed concerns about theft of post and the presence of Richard Edwards in the office after he had been arrested by Police; taken away in handcuffs and after his computer, with downloaded and viewed child pornography on, had been seized by Police and removed from his office).

3. Miss Queen had not been sacked by convicted paedophile Richard Edwards and therefore Miss Queen’s claim against Bexley Council for £18,000 compensation was dismissed.

(However the Court had clearly been misled by Bexley Council and Colin Campbell in this regard because in the Bundle of Evidence that was before the Court was a copy of the letter dismissing Miss Queen dated 23rd September 2010. This letter sacking Miss Queen was handed to her by the convicted paedophile Richard Edwards. When he called Miss Queen into his office he told her she was being dismissed. It was Richard Edwards who was the prime mover for Miss Queen’s sacking. Miss Queen's letter of dismissal was signed by Richard Edwards in his capacity as Manager.)

Miss Queen is Appealing.

To be continued /