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Bexley Council Monitoring Group

Mission Statement : working for the sacking of all liars, cheats and fraudsters working for Bexley Council

Chris Loynes  Esq
Head of Citizenship and Members’ Services,
(Reporting directly to Solicitor Angela Hogan)
London Borough of Bexley,
Civic Centre,

Wednesday 6 October 2010

I refer to our meeting at 2.30 pm at Bexley Civic Offices, Broadway, Bexleyheath on 4 February 2010 when you informed me that you would raise the breach of the Planning Conditions I have been reporting to the Chief Executive Will Tuckley, contained in the Planning Permission dated 16 December 2006 (the Planning Permission) with your Planning Department.

It is now about 8 months since the date of our meeting but I have not heard from you or anyone in the Council with regard to the Conditions in the Planning Permission being enforced.

You may recall that at our meeting I informed you that you were wasting your time leaving these matters to the Planning Department because they were liars and cheats, reference to which is made in the footnote on page 1 of this notepaper.

The breach of all Conditions in the Planning Permission that I have been reporting to the Council for about three and a half years are continuing and being breached on a daily basis.

By doing nothing about these illegal activities you are in effect permitting and supporting them. This cannot be right or acceptable conduct for an agency responsible for law enforcement.

By you refusing to enforce the Conditions in the Planning Permission you are in effect permitting and condoning illegal activities and giving the persons carrying on those illegal activities the impression that you are supporting them, which encourages them to continue those illegal activities.

Will you therefore please explain as fully as possible why the Council has not taken any steps to ensure that the above mentioned illegal activities are stopped, allowing them to continue for about three and a half years.

At the same time would you please let me have copies of all communications between you and the Mrs. Clark, the Planning Department and/or anyone else in the Council concerning our meeting on 4 February 2010.

Also will you please let me have copies of the appropriate regulations that govern how the Planning Department must perform its functions.

For the avoidance of doubt the Freedom of Information Act 2000 applies to my requests for information contained in this letter.

Sincerely J.J. Watson

for Bexley Council Monitoring Group.